About the Penryn Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee
The main purpose of the Steering Committee is to oversee the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan for Penryn, helping it progress to a successful community referendum and be adopted by Cornwall Council to become planning policy. The Steering Group will engage the local community to ensure that the Plan is truly representative of the ambitions of Penryn.
The Penryn Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee is made up of local residents and Penryn Town Councillors, you can see who they are below.


Cllr David Garwood (Chairperson)
“I am also Chair for the Glasney Green Space Regeneration Project and on the committee for the Falmouth Spring Flower Show. For me, the Neighbourhood Plan is really important for Penryn as it is one genuine opportunity for the whole community to have their say in the future of the town and to have that written into planning law.”


Frances Crow
“I live in Penryn, am an architect and a mum. As a senior lecturer in architecture at Falmouth University I worked with students and Penryn Town Team on the project Connected Communities: Penryn, which looked at future visions for Penryn Town Centre. I feel strongly that communities should have a voice in the future development of their Town and the Neighbourhood Plan is one way that your voice can directly influence the shape of Penryn for generations to come.”


Cllr Mary May
“I am a Penryn Town Councillor and Cornwall Councillor for Penryn West Division, also resident of our ancient Borough. Since moving to Penryn from nearby Falmouth some 45 year ago, the old Town and its residents have been my passion. I am at my happiest when working alongside other community groups and working as one for the Town. My grown up family have attended the local schools, taken part in the clubs and activities of the town and as a family have supported everyday life in the Town. By being part of the Neighbourhood plan process it will once again bring the people of the Town together in having their say for future generations. By being part of the steering group I am sure I will bring my knowledge that I have gained over many years of serving my community!”


Martin Northern BA (Hons) MRTPI (ret’d)
“I am a retired Town Planner. Having worked on town planning projects in Penryn for the last 15 years, and being one of the Sergeants at Mace to the Mayor, here in Penryn, I hold the town in very high regard. I look forward to working for the residents and societies and businesses of Penryn to create the Neighbourhood Plan that they wish to see.”


Simon Persighetti
“I am an artist and writer based in Penryn since 2011 and have been involved in a number of local projects including Penryn Arts Festival,  Connected Communities, Penryn Re-imagined and co-hosting Stormy Nights cabarets at the Seven Stars. I recently wrote the Panto in the Pub for Penryn Community Theatre. In 2016 I opened the Town Fair as the founder of the town, Bishop Simon of Apulia. Though fairly new to the town I have become obsessed with the stories and histories of Penryn and care very much about its future in terms of community, architecture and cultural life.”


Christopher Smith
Christopher is a Chartered architect, now retired, he has 40 years’ experience with Planning matters, both promoting schemes and assessing them. He served on the Falmouth and Penryn Town Framework Committee for 2 years providing the bedrock policies for the new Cornwall Local Plan and also Chaired the Falmouth and Penryn Community Plan process, an exercise which engaged with over 1,100 local people in a series of ground up studies consulting the local community and enacting a series of recommendations for Policy formers.


Dr Joanie Willett
“I am a lecturer in politics in the Penryn campus of the University of Exeter. As well as having a keen interest in local politics, I think that it is very important for the university to work closely with Penryn town. The neighbourhood plan is a great opportunity for everyone to decide what is important for the area, and what we would like the town to look like in the future.”



Meet the Steering Committee