In July/August 2015 a Working Group was set up by Penryn Town Council to explore whether or not to carry out a Neighbourhood Plan for Penryn. They drafted and distributed a questionnaire to Penryn residents in order to find out if the community had a desire for a Neighbourhood Plan and to begin to identify residents’ aims for the future of Penryn. They reviewed and compiled the responses into six ‘visions’ for Penryn, which you can see below.


Vision Statement

  • Ensure supply of housing to address local needs.

  • Retain Penryn’s culture and identity; and promote its heritage whilst embracing its future.

  • Safeguard the town centre as a commercial and community hub.

  • Actively support traffic and parking initiatives where beneficial to the town.

  • Encourage and promote a flourishing local economy.

  • Safeguard the town’s parks and natural environment for the benefit of the community and ecology.

This draft Vision Statement was presented at the launch of the Neighbourhood Plan and visitors were invited to leave their ideas and comments around its themes. These will be reviewed, incorporated and presented back at future consultation events where you will be able to make further comments.



Vision Statement for the Penryn Neighbourhood Plan