Comments on the development of the Penryn Neighbourhood Plan have been received at the following public consultation events:
Penryn Neighbourhood Plan Launch, 25th March 2017
May Day celebrations, Doorstep Green, 30th April 2017
Gig at Glasney, College Field, 4th June 2017
Following these consultation events, it was agreed by the Steering Group that the comments collected should be reviewed and analysed in order to:
  • develop the Draft Vision Statement,
  • act as a starting point for Working Groups to explore each area in more detail,
  • enable further public consultation to check analysis and interpretation of comments.
The analysis work includes:
  • Transcribing all of the public comments received in the above initial consultation events.
  • Identifying the Key Themes arising out of the comments.
  • Identifying Next Steps in the process to include potential Policy Areas to be explored through the Neighbourhood Plan, a potential Evidence Base that needs to be gathered and potential projects that could be taken forward by Penryn Town Council or other groups.
Please note that the ‘Issues’, ‘Key Themes’ and ‘Next Steps’ outlined in the analysis documents are interpretations from the public comments, are not exhaustive and are subject to change.
Follow the links below to download a pdf and take a look at the summary of the analysis carried out.
The full transcript of all the public comments received so far can be seen as a pdf by clicking Public Comments Transcript.


Housing Consultation Analysis

Culture Identity and Heritage Consultation Analysis

Town Centre Consultation Analysis

Traffic and Transport Consultation Analysis

Local Economy Consultation Analysis

Parks and Natural Environment Consultation Analysis

What Else Consultation Analysis



Consultation analysis and feedback so far